TEDCity2.0 Award Winner Hollaback! Launched a Global Holla::Revolution

By Hollaback!

Hollaback! is a non-profit and global movement to end street harassment. Hollaback activists are working to end gender-based violence in 64 cities and 22 countries.

On July 25th, 2013, Hollaback! hosted the first ever international speakers series on street harassment, HOLLA::Revolution.

The historic event featured 18 local and global speakers and performers representing organizations such as: Bklyn Boihood, Sassafrass Tech Collective, Women in Media News, Girls for Gender Equity, Cornell University, Feministing, the Man Up Campaign, the Novo foundation, and Hollaback!.

Presenters discussed a wide range of diverse and engaging topics around street harassment, from Technology & Storytelling and The Importance of Online Movement Building to Un/Doing Masculinities and Youth Organizing Around Street Harassment.

The first ever HOLLA::Revolution was sold out with 150 (amazing) supporters in the audience. It was live-streamed with over 570 viewers watching the stream around the world. Audience members described the event as “inspiring”, “diverse”, “intersectional” and “educational”. Here’s a recap of the event, created by Video Editor Corinne Colgan.

Learn more about Hollaback! by watching harassment avenger and City2.0 award winner Emily May’s talk via the TEDCity2.0 livestream  on September 20, 2013 between 9:00am-10:30am ET.