Taking the SOLE Challenge? How to make a good post great

At TED2013, education innovator Sugata Mitra invited parents and educators everywhere to create Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs) to help kids tap into their innate sense of wonder, embark on intellectual adventures, and work together.

Have you conducted a SOLE in your school, home, or community? TED and The Huffington Post invite you to participate in the SOLE Challenge contest and share your discoveries. Up to three winning blog post submissions selected by Sugata Mitra and the TED Prize team will be featured in a future edition of TEDWeekends on The Huffington Post. The Grand Prize winners will receive a pair of tickets to attend TEDYouth 2013 including economy class airfare and hotel accommodations.

Are you ready to take the challenge? Here’s some tips for how to make a good SOLE Challenge blog post great:

·      Introduce yourself. Provide context about your community and/or school culture.

·      Share what inspired you to take the SOLE Challenge.

·      Share the questions you investigated in your SOLE and explain the children’s discovery process.

·      Celebrate your triumphs and identify challenges. How did you overcome obstacles? Did you have any pleasant surprises or epiphanies?

·      Explore this question: Did you adapt the format of the experiment to fit the needs of your community? Why or why not? How did it go?

·      Reflect on feedback you received from kids participating in the SOLE and share it.

·      Compare the SOLE approach with other educational methods you’ve tried. What made this experience different?

·      Make your mark on the world! Address how you envision your SOLE adventure impacting the future of learning.

·      Include photos, videos, and/or audio examples of student work and interactions to illustrate your SOLE experience.

Good luck!

For more information about the SOLE Challenge, join the TED Prize team for a Twitter chat on Thursday, March 28th from 4:30-5:30PM EST. Use the #TEDSOLE hashtag to send questions and learn more about the contest from the TED team and a veteran SOLE educator.