JR & INSIDE OUT at the Panthéon in Paris

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JR is the man behind INSIDE OUT a global participatory art project featuring poster-sized self-portraits. Photo: INSIDE OUT

JR – the French street artist behind INSIDE OUT, a large-scale participatory art project he launched in 2011 after winning the TED Prize - has just completed a gorgeous installation of more than 4,000 black and white portraits at Panthéon in Paris. The installation, called Au Panthéon!, features the faces of ordinary everyday citizens within the interior of the mausoleum.

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The Panthéon is a historic building in the Latin Quarter of Paris. The monument will feature the faces of everyday citizens while the landmark undergoes extensive restorations. Photo: INSIDE OUT

A secular temple which contains the remains of distinguished French citizens, the Panthéon is currently one of largest restoration projects in Europe – which is expected to take up to ten years to complete.


More than 4,000 black and white portraits have been pasted inside the Panthéon in Paris. Photo: INSIDE OUT

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux collaborated with JR to create this special installation in order to raise awareness of the Panthéon’s restoration work. The portraits on display, collected during March of this year, were selected to represent the “diversity of the contemporary world” and encapsulate the humanistic and universal values embodied by the Panthéon.

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