Sneak peak: INSIDE OUT portraits to be installed at the Panthéon in Paris


More than 4,000 black and white portraits are being collected at the Panthéon - a historic building in the Latin Quarter of Paris currently under restoration - and will be part of a massive installation inspired by the INSIDE OUT project, a large-scale participatory art project launched by the French artist JR after he won the TED Prize in 2011.

The project aims to transform contemporary messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work by making digitally uploaded images into posters that are then displayed in diverse communities all around the world. Posters can be placed anywhere, from office windows to a wall of an abandoned building to the grounds of a national monument, such as the Panthéon.


Inspired by the project’s humanitarian and universal values, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux asked INSIDE OUT to create a special installation in order to raise awareness of the Panthéon’s restoration work, currently one of largest restoration projects in Europe – which is expected to take up to ten years to complete.


The installation, called Au Panthéon!, involved collecting portraits during the month of March 2014 using INSIDE OUT’s European photobooth truck – which visited 9 major monuments in France, including the Hôtel de Béthune-Sully and the Palais du Tau in Reims – before making its final and 10th stop at the Panthéon.


The next step is pasting those portraits in and around the Panthéon. When the installation is complete, they will be visible around the drum beneath the dome of the monument, and in certain places within the actual monument.

The installation is expected to be completed in June, when the official inauguration will take place. For recent photos and updates on Au Panthéon!, please visit:

More than 130,000 portraits have been printed at the INSIDE OUT project Photo Booths located around the world since 2011, in locations such as Centre Pompidou (Paris), Les Rencontres de la Photographie (Arles), various towns in Israel and Palestine, Emirati Expressions (Abu Dhabi), Galerie Perrotin in Paris and Hong Kong, Vevey in Switzerland, in Tokyo and across Japan and in Pakistan.

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